Tom and Algene Brandt, Seller from 2016: “We enjoyed working with Trish. She went above and beyond with all of her help.”

    Buyer from 2011: “Willing to work hard and find the right home or business for her [Trish] clients. I will recommend her to my associates and friends and family.”

    Renter from 2011: Tricia Leisner was extremely helpful in finding a rental for our family. She listened to our needs, knew the area, so she could show us places that fit our life style. She negotiated well with the owner, and followed through on all questions with answers that we could use in deciding on the  rental property that pleased us.”

    Ms. Kim, Buyer 2011 “Friendly, courteous and very timely in all aspects of our transaction. I would recommend Trish to all my friends and family.”

    From a 2013 Seller:Trish was very helpful in guiding me through this sale. I had never done this before and her guidance was very comforting to me. She gave good advice on how to prepare the condo for sale. She really knew the market and what it was going to do, which caused her to recommend that I raise the price  above what I thought it would ever be. It was sold in a short time just slightly below what we raised it to, which was considerably above what I though it would sell for. With her by my side I had no anxiety about the marketing procedure, the sales process, or the closing. She was a great help to me and got more money than I expected. I highly recommend her. 

    From an Anonymous 2016 Seller: “Thanks Trish does a great job. I have used her for client’s property and my own. Very knowledgeable and returns calls and emails on a timely basis. I have recommended her to clients and friends.”


    Mr. Vladimiar in 2016 “She [Trish] is very loyal and collaborate as much possible, even months aftwr the clossing, she a person can be trust.”

    Ms. Trudy Lott from 2016 “Don’t shop around for a realtor if you want the best go to RealTeam Realtor and get the best. Ask for Mary Leisner.”

    Mr. Sims in 2017 “Very professional and dependable. Thanks Trish.”

    Ms. Daiomara in 2017 “Mrs. Trish is an excellent Realtor. She always is available and have the information we required. She is very responsible person and nice. We are really happy that we have her as a realtor.”

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